When I asked the coach of my running clinic how long I should wait until I ran again, he told me I should take a FULL week off. Which meant NO RUNNING – rest, etc.

The first few days, yeah, that made sense to me. I couldn’t go down the stairs without a sideway limp.

But by Wednesday, the worst of the muscle pain had worn off. And I wanted to get back to my routine. I saw runners and was jealous that they could get out there and run and I couldn’t. I had a really hard time reading the “back to it!” posts from friends who had run the MCM with me.

Combined with a ridiculously stressful week at work, by Friday I was out of my mind. I decided that I’d go out and run Saturday. I didn’t CARE how much my knee hurt.

Because, uh, the tweak to my knee at mile 23? Hadn’t really gone away.

All last week, I couldn’t get through the day without SOME form of pain in my right leg… and a corresponding limp.

And on Saturday morning when I limped to the bathroom to get my running gear, Charlie Brown told me he felt really strongly that I shouldn’t run, that if I wasn’t careful I’d really hurt myself.

(I hate when he’s right.)

So I reluctantly skipped my runs this past weekend too.


I got a sports massage on Saturday. And she spent a really good amount of time on my whole right leg, which was one big knot from the quads all the way down to my toes. She spent a long time working on the area around my knee.

And as of last night, the pain in the knee was GONE. It had moved into a knot at the bottom of my quad. Which I rolled and iced and stretched and took advil.

And this morning, I feel nearly new.

So I think I might attempt a run tomorrow morning. Nice and easy, no pace goals; just a 4 mile shakeout to get the blood flowing and my legs working again.

I’ve always considered myself one of those runners that needs a race in order to get motivated to get up and run every day. The fear that I wouldn’t be able to finish a marathon, certainly, is what got me out of bed most mornings over the past 6 months. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who would be counting the days until her next run if she didn’t have anything on her race schedule… especially in November, when it’s cold and dark.

But as it turns out, that’s not the case. Somewhere along the line during my training cycle this year, running became my love. I don’t NEED a race to train for.

I can just run because I love it.

(Now, I DO have goals for this, next, and the year after that. Ha!- I’m not THAT Zen. Another post for another day.)


3 comments on “Aftermath.

  1. Bea says:

    Sounds like you’ve recovered well. And check you out! You are a person who gets real and proper sports massages now!


  2. Deborah says:

    So, did you just discover that you loved running? I could’ve told you that! Did you think you just loved goals? Anyway, I hope your run tomorrow goes well. I’m glad you listened to the coach and your husband and got the rest you needed.

  3. Kate says:

    Charlie Brown is *so* smart:> And, good for you for taking it easy. Now be careful! Don’t risk hurting yourself these next few weeks!

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