Injuries and Alternatives.

So apparently my knee isn’t actually going to allow me to run in the coming few days.

I attempted a 4 mile run yesterday. It was a GORGEOUS morning, and I felt SO good in the first half mile or so.

But then, at a little under a mile… the stabbing pain was back.


Dr. Google tells me that it’s likely ITBS, or illiotibial band syndrome. Only thing you can do with ITBS is REST it. Activities that require ANY bending of the knee (past 30 degrees) with weight on it aggravates it.

Rest, Ice, Elevation, Advil.

In hindsight, during the month of October, in my right leg I felt tightness and pain in my thigh as I ran, especially on longer distance runs. But I just assumed that it was quad tightness and was totally normal.


I’m trying to look at this as a lesson learned. I got lazy with the stretching, mostly because after a 3-4 hour run I didn’t want to spend an additional 15-20 minutes stretching. Boo on me.

Apparently I *DO* need to stretch after a run.


Lesson learned.

But, see. It’s November. A year ago, a bunch things sort of fell apart for me, life-wise, in November.

And running is my primary form of coping with shit. It’s my therapy. My Zen.

So what now?

I’m thinking that I’m going to try and hit the pool tomorrow morning. If I show up at 5, when the gym opens, I can get a full HOUR of lap swim in and still get home in enough time to get stuff done in the morning before daycare dropoff.

And I’m hoping that scissor kicks won’t hurt me, since you’re supposed to keep your knee straight and use inner thigh muscles.

Swimming isn’t running, but it’s good exercise. And I will admit that going back and forth in a pool, focused only on breathing, is a very different sort of zen. But still zen.

I’m also planning on purchasing a 10 day unlimited yoga pass to a bikram yoga studio near my work.

I love bikram yoga – because it’s done in a hot room. It’s the same 26 poses over and over, and so incorporates stretching but you can avoid the poses which would aggravate knee injuries.

That’s at least the current plan for the next two weeks. And on Thursday I’m seeing the coach of my running clinic for a sports massage in the hopes that he can dig out the knots which will make it so that the inflammation goes down.

And so I’m hoping this will be a blip in my running. If I take care of myself now, maybe by the end of the month, I’ll be able to get back to easy morning runs.

We’ll see though.

2 comments on “Injuries and Alternatives.

  1. Turia says:

    Sorry you came up injured, but I think you did pretty well, all things considered, with the amount of stress you would have put on your body over the last few months. Glad you are taking care of yourself. I hope you are able to get back to running soon, but in the meantime yoga and swimming sound like good substitutes!

  2. Bea says:

    Sounds like a plan. Hope you get your zen in somehow and the injury heals fast.


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