So apparently not running is not just hard on me, but on my blog posting as well.


I’ve been doing PT now for a little more than a week, and I’ve definitely seen improvement in the pain in my knee. My ITB is still super tight, but the rest and stretching and heat and ice seems to be helping it.

Thank goodness.

I still haven’t attempted a run. I’ve been pain free since Thursday morning. And though I am completely OBSESSED with the WANTING to go out for a run, I’ve forced myself not to. Because I want to heal.

So instead I’ve been swimming. Which, truthfully, I enjoy. It’s not the elation of a good strong run, but it’s a good substitute because I can push really hard and feel the burn in my lungs and muscles. Only without the pain running has given me in the past month.

I also tried a Barre class at a local studio Sunday night. Which was NOT the dance class I thought it was.

It was about an hour of Core Hell.

Pushups. Planks. Thigh and butt and hamstring kicks. Lower ab work. Oblique work.

Now see here. The abs I have? I got them from my long runs. At the end of a run, when you’re tired, and your form is suffering, apparently THEN is when you feel the core work.

I’ve never done a plank. The last crunch I did was in high school – back when they called them situps.

I totally SUCKED at them. And they hurt. A LOT.

(Especially yesterday. Ow!)

But. I’m going back on Saturday morning. Because now it’s my personal challenge to get BETTER at this damn class.

And I have some hope that when I DO get back to running, it will be better because I’ve got a stronger core.

Or something.

Other than that? I’ve been hanging out with my kid. Who is RAPIDLY becoming my Favoritest Person Ever.

I’m not sure what happened last week, but all of a sudden, he’s starting to CREATE things with legos and sticks and other toys. He’ll line up his stuffed animals and call it a “traffic jam.” He’ll built a log loader truck out of legos (and seriously, it LOOKS like a log loader truck!)

He’s currently obsessed with airplanes, and so before bed every night I pretend I’m his copilot. And he orders Jeff to stay in the other room (in the COACH, Daddy!) while he and I go to the cockpit and fly the plane.

And he’s really starting to grasp the concept of time, too.

Like today, when he woke up and asked me where his daddy was. When I told him that Daddy was at the gym and then at work, he stopped for a minute and said:

So it’s a school day?

I mean, I know all parents think their kids are brilliant.

It’s just that my kid IS brilliant. šŸ™‚

Now, of course, on the flip side… the focus on play and learning means he doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing. Like ever.

Which means he doesn’t want to eat.

It also means he doesn’t want to stop and use the bathroom.

(Okay, so maybe not THAT brilliant.)

But I love watching how he gets so focused on something new and immerses himself in it. I love the obsession, the way he can be in the moment, FULLY in the moment, without really thinking.

I wish I could be like that.

Therefore I love spending time with him.

It’s a nice reminder – that sometimes it’s okay to stop thinking for a moment and just be.

3 comments on “Mishmash.

  1. Deborah says:

    I was thinking of writing a post about how much fun little boys are. Or maybe it’s how much fun this age is. But all the imagination and the crazy things they come up with – I love that! I’m so glad he is entering a good phase.

  2. Ellen K. says:

    This is how you and I are different: You walk into a class, it’s not what you expected, and you take that as a new challenge. I stay for the class, go upstairs and drop a class-description complaint in the message box, and never return. ; )

    I’m glad you’re having so much fun with Lucky. How do you get him to make the transition from play to dinner? I’m not very good at this.

    • Ellen – We talk a LOT. Usually we’ll start warning him ten minutes in advance – we’ll say something like “Lucky, soon it’s going to be dinnertime. Do you want to eat X or Y?” Or “do you want your dinner on an orange plate or a blue plate?” or “do you want milk or water with dinner?” Anything that gets him focused on the fact that’s going to be dinner soon, and that he has a choice that has to do with dinner.

      Most times he won’t answer because he’s really focused on playing, but we keep prompting him until we get his attention. (As an aside, at preschool his teacher uses the phrase “Lucky. Look and listen!” and that seems to work at home, too. But we have to WORK at getting his attention nearly 100% of the time because he just tunes us out.)

      After that, we give him a warning around the 5 minute mark – “hey, remember, dinner’s going to be soon! Do you want to help set the table?” (We let him put the silverware on the table since he can reach it and he really likes to help.) Sometimes he’ll want to help, and then it’s a really easy transition into dinner.

      If not, though, we give him a two minute warning by telling him that dinner is really close to ready and he can only do X thing ONE MORE TIME and then it’s dinnertime. If THAT doesn’t work, when dinner is on the table, we tell him that playtime is over and it’s now time to eat. Sometimes we let him bring one of the toys he’s playing with to put on the table so he can use it after dinner, but that seems to be backfiring right now because he just brings playtime TO the table and doesn’t eat.

      Sometimes we get the complete freakout about dinner, but generally speaking he’ll stop what he’s doing, shovel food in his mouth, then go back to playing. We’re pretty lenient about time spent at the table – if he’s done and we’re not, he can get down and play on his own. I figure eventually he’ll sit with us longer and I just don’t want to fight that battle about forcing him to sit with us if he’s done eating.

      Hope this helps!

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