Rehab update and 2012 goals.

So I’ve been working with a physical therapist now for three weeks. And last week he was so impressed with the rate of healing of my tendonitis that he gave me the okay to try a run.

So I went out on Sunday morning and ran three anxiety-filled miles.

The whole time, I could feel it simmering under the surface. I kept running, just waiting for it to erupt into the stabby, omg-I-can’t-even-WALK pain.

It never did though.

I finished mile three giddy, as if I had just won the lottery.

I was stiff and sore that night and on Monday morning, and it’s twingy today, but there’s no PAIN.

Apparently I’m getting better. Which is really good.

Because I’m signed up for a half marathon at the end of February, and I only have a couple more weeks before I need to start a new training regimen.

Clearly my goal for this race has changed from a couple of months ago. Back then? I would have told you that I wanted to aim at a sub-2:00 finish, since my last half I clocked in at 2:02:47.

But really, I’m starting to learn that I need to change up my training regimen in order to make it so that I don’t get injured again. I need to add strength training, as much as I hate it, and make the time to stretch after a run, no matter how long I’ve been out.

So I added a weekly barre class, which is a core/pilates/dance/yoga class. Works all the muscles I DON’T have, since I’ve never actually done a crunch in my life. Or a plank. Or a push up.

It sucks and when I’m in the class I hate every minute but it’s EXACTLY the stuff I need in order to strengthen and avoid injury again. And I can tell myself when I’m in the midst of the suck that it’s important for my running.

Really, my goal for the Hyannis Half is to get through my training without re-injuring myself. And if that means I end up running this half at 2:15?

Fine. Whatever it takes.

Because I DO have goals for 2012.

I want to:

  • Run 1000 miles for the year
  • Finish a half marathon in less than 2 hours
  • Finish a 10k in less than 55:00
  • Finish a 5k in less than 26:00

All of these are absolutely within my reach, even WITH having to start off slowly in order to finish rehabbing my ITBS.

It’s so funny. Because just before my marathon, I posted a note to my dailymile friends, telling them I was worried that I wouldn’t want to get up in the dark and run without the fear of a marathon looming over me.

Truly, it wasn’t that long ago where I NEEDED a race to keep me motivated.

Maybe it’s because I’m injured and WANT to be out there, or because there’s been some shift inside me, or exercise truly is my addiction.

But I find myself really looking forward to another year of training without a huge event on the calendar; to run because I love it and I miss it when I can’t do it and it’s my zen.

In the meantime, I just need to keep trucking along with the crosstraining and physical therapy and testing the running waters out.

Here’s hoping that by January I’ll be back in running form.

4 comments on “Rehab update and 2012 goals.

  1. Mike says:

    Great post! I really think you will attain all your goals. You are a fabulous athlete.

  2. Esperanza says:

    Yay for getting back into running with no (little) pain!

    Yay for goals that feel manageable but also push you to do more and better.

    Yay for finding your Zen. Running a pretty good thing to be addicted to, when all is said and done.


  3. Turia says:

    So glad you were able to get out again.

    Those look like great goals for 2012 and totally achieveable. I am hoping to start ‘running’ again in January with a goal of a half-marathon by the fall.


  4. Summer says:

    So happy to hear you are on the mend! And excited for you and your 2012 goals!

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