Shut Up and Run.

I won’t spend a lot of time telling you why I haven’t posted here in a long time. But it involves rehabbing with a SECOND physical therapist,  a resurgence of posting on another blog, and some other miscellaneous excuses reasons for my absence.

So, uh. Hi. I’m back, I think.

When I started dealing with ITB pain back in January, and my current PT told me, You are doing too much. Scale back your running miles! even though I was logging maybe 10 miles a week, I decided to Get Serious about getting better.

And by luck a friend on dailymile started seeing someone for the very same thing. She HIGHLY recommended him to me, so I jumped through the hoops to get a script for PT and went to see him.

He GOT it.

Seriously, in the first 15 minutes of talking with him he answered every question I had on my own, the questions about form and prior injuries and SOME root cause of the reason for ITB.

The diagnosis: tight calves, weak glutes, weak core, weak back.

Enter strengthwork. Which HURT.  But it worked.

I ran a half marathon at the end of February, even though I wasn’t pain free and had only done 7.5 miles to date.

That, my friends, was the end of the Fear of ITBS.

Since then, I’ve hit the weights and the runs pretty hard. And I’ve seen my average pace increase as a result of being stronger. Whereas last year my average run was 9, 9:30, I’m at 8:30,-8:45 now.


So this coming weekend is the Middlebury Maple Half Marathon. This was my first half back in 2010; I ran in it in 2:18:18, and finished it without ANY energy left in the tank.

This year I am hoping it’ll be the race where I break 2 hours.

Every race I’ve done, ever since that first one where I couldn’t run another step at mile 10, I’ve kept an eye on my garmin, on my average pace, and with every mile, I’d WORRY. Oh no. I’m going too fast, better slow down. I’ll speed up later. Wow, it’s later, but it hurts. I’m going to keep this pace; guess breaking two hours is not in the cards for me today.

Problem is, EVERY race hurts by the end. Always has for me.

It was during a running clinic I did this spring where the coach said something that has really resonated with me.

He said, You have to teach yourself how to run through pain.

So true. Because when things hurt, you start to worry.

Fear. Fear of pain, of injury, of hitting the wall, of hurting for a long time.

The more you run through the pain, the more you realize you have nothing to fear.

So this weekend, my mantra is SHUT UP AND RUN.

I will find that edge, the point where my brain is screaming GIVE UP! and run through it. I will force myself up every hill, keep running when I want to stop,  focus on my breath and form. Fight my way through the worry and fear.

And hopefully, I will emerge victorious at the end.

5 comments on “Shut Up and Run.

  1. Bill Hurley says:


    You will be great. The sub 2 hour half is in your sights. I can’t wait to read about it. Kick butt.

  2. Donna g says:

    Are you doing a certain weight training program and how often are you lifting. I run and am planning on doing my 1st marathon in October. I know I need some weights and I don’t know where to start!

    • No, Donna – Just doing what my PT recommended (and showed me in my sessions). Do you belong to a gym? You can probably get a session or two with a personal trainer there – just make sure you ask for someone who has run or knows runners. My husband actually used “Weight Training for Dummies” a few years ago when he decided to lift. 🙂

  3. Turia says:

    GOOD LUCK! I will be so excited for you.

  4. alison1l says:

    You’ve got this! I’ll be running here too, can’t wait! 🙂

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