What Next? Oh, How About a 5k?

I wasn’t really paying attention when I scheduled my races this winter – wasn’t until later where I realized that I had scheduled a half-marathon, 5k, and 5 mile race each Sunday starting with last weekend’s half marathon.

This Sunday I’m running a 5k.

From the course website: “The course is flat for the first mile and there is a hill at the two mile mark and the last mile is pretty much downhill.”

My best 5k time before now is 29:07, which was posted in July 2010.

I did try my hand at a XC 5k on a local golf course this spring and managed a whopping 30:20. Freaking hills and grass and stuff. Tough.

I think, though I can run one pretty fast.

Why? Well, I’ve been doing a running clinic with my running club, and for my most recent track workouts, I’ve paced with the 22-minute 5k group.

According to the coach, doing a workout on that means I am actually CAPABLE of running a 22 minute 5k.

But a 5k is different than 400s and 800s and 200s and 300s with breaks in between. I’m certain I could run a 22 minute 5k if I got 90 seconds in between every quarter mile, that’s for sure.

Thing is, I don’t actually KNOW what I’m capable of. I’m only two and a half years into this running thing. I know I’ve gotten faster, but how fast can I run?

How much can I really push myself?

It’s time to see what I can do.

I feel good after my half – much better than I expected to feel. It means I can actually race this weekend like I had hoped to.

Whenever I go into a race, I have a time goal in mind; one that’s a stretch for me. I also, though, have a realistic time goal in mind which I KNOW I can do.

I KNOW I can break 25:00 on Sunday. That’s my first goal – I want to be in the 24-minute range.

I am aiming at 23:59, though.

So my plan for Sunday’s race?

Go out aggressive, stay the course on the hill at mile 2, then use the downhill in the last mile to run hard to the finish. To push when my body is screaming to stop. To focus on my breath, keep my legs moving, and dig deep.

I want to discover my capabilities.

What am I made of?

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