The Best Plans…

… apparently don’t come to fruition sometimes.

Funny, I had confidence that I could break 25:00 in a 5k. I was gunning for 24:00.

My official time from Sunday’s race?


Took me longer than I expected last week to recover from my half. Even though I had no real residual soreness when I was sitting/standing/walking, my runs felt really hard.

Even so, I’ve been working my speedwork at a 22-minute 5k pace. 25 SHOULD have been easy.

Just didn’t work out.

My first nice good and solid. I went out pretty fast, but it felt good, and I was taking advantage of the short downhill start to coast and keep my breathing even. I paced off a girl I know in my club and in the clinics; she’s a little faster than me but I figured I could probably keep up with her.

Mile went by pretty quickly and I was feeling good.

Mile 1 – 7:36 (garmin time)

The second mile was harder. I expected it; had read on the course description that there were a couple of hills. I tried to keep my breathing even and deep, but it was harder. I knew, though, from the course description, that the third mile was downhill, so I really just tried to hang until I could recover on the downhill. I knew I lost time, but was still sub 8 and still thought I had a chance.

Mile 2 – 8:17 (garmin time)

Except there was NO DOWNHILL MILE.

Instead? It was a slow incline from mile 2 to mile 2.90.

It nearly killed me; I couldn’t control my breathing, and a couple of times I was certain I was going to throw up.

I couldn’t hang on; needed to walk briefly to recover.

The moment I did I knew I wasn’t going to make it work.

Mile 3 – 8:48 (garmin time)

And during mile three, I was ALL in my head, and it wasn’t good. I was thinking, Seriously, what made me think I can run a sub 25? Let it go. I can’t do it.

And then my two running club girlfriends passed me. In the past two races we’ve run this year, I’ve finished behind them both times. Seriously, I am always last.

I hate being last.

I let them go by me, but when I saw the turn before the finish, I couldn’t do it. I needed to give it my all.

Luckily for me, there was a pretty sweet downhill before the finish.

I actually yelled out loud, YEAH! Let’s DO this!

And I let my legs fly.

And I passed my girlfriends, and I FLEW into the finish chute.

For that last .13 (by my garmin), I ran a 5:10 pace.

It’s a PR for me – my best official 5k time before now was 29:07 in August 2010. Yeah, yeah, PR blah blah blah.

But I was really disappointed. I AM CAPABLE OF MORE.

I have speed in me, I know it.

I just don’t have the tools to put it all together in a race.


One comment on “The Best Plans…

  1. Bill Hurley says:

    Karen, Take the positive and use it for the next race. Nice job.

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