After my race on Sunday, I wanted a do over.

Honestly, on the way home I was already planning the next one.

The next time, I thought, I will go out a little slower, maybe a 8:00/mile, stay conservative in mile two, and then kick it up at the end.

And never, ever walk.

So I asked Jeff last night if he minded if I signed myself up for another 5k.

I think I found a race. Sunday, June 3. Early enough start time so when I’m done I still have the whole day in front of me.

And it will give me a couple of weeks to let my legs recover from my half and the hard races, but also attack some tempo runs and speedwork.

I know I am capable of breaking 25:00 in a 5k.

I just need to go and DO it.

So that’s the plan for my 5k redeux.

One comment on “Redeux.

  1. Turia says:

    I can see what you would want a do-over. Sounds like a good plan.

    (Just an FYI- you’ve used Charlie’s real name in this post).


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