Off the Grid.

This weekend, Owen, Jeff and I we’re heading up to Lake Winnepesaukee with my inlaws, sister and brother-in-law, and niece and nephew.

A full week spent in teeny cabins right on the lake, beach two steps outside our door. Without internet access (thought Jeff and I both have smartphones. I’ll never really disconnect, who am I kidding?).

But whatever, NO internet access!

I have a loose plan to stick with my half training: 26 miles next week. I’m hoping to actually do the speed workout on Tuesday night if I can manage to find the local high school, if not, I’ll do it as best as I can on the road. (Maybe hill repeats? Ooo, that would be something.)

I am also going to try my first open water swim – am hoping to spend a half hour in the water and try and focus on sighting moreso than doing a full on workout.

And obviously, there will be ice cream. And playing in the sand. And throwing the frisbee. And splashing in the water. And a train ride. And a trip to Laconia. And ice cream. And Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

And did I mention the ice cream?

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