Liebster Award

Good grief, it’s been too long since I wrote last. Too many work hours, too little sleep, lots of running and juggling and tasks and stress in between.

My marathon is Sunday, and I have a goal to write every day – either here or in my journal – in November. So hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

In the meantime,  I need to start somewhere – I feel like the spigots of my writing ideas has rusted shut. I need to wrest them open and let the words flow to clean it all out.

And luckily, my good friend Mel nominated me for a Liebster Award. So here are my responses. And there will be something of substance soon – at the very least, a race write up. 🙂

Longest you’ve ever gone without a shower.
I generally don’t go very long between showers; I hate the feeling of being gross and greasy and oily. And add the running into the mix – it’s not really that great for me to go without a shower.

I used to backpack, though – many many moons ago. I think I went for a 5 day trip where I didn’t shower, though I did bring wet naps I used to freshen up here on a daily basis.

Tell us about a recent disappointment.

I had intended on taking the latter half of September and all of October off of work. To that end, I spent three weeks working every day. I pretty much did nothing BUT work. I was looking forward to my time off, catching up on sleep, spending quality time with Owen and Jeff, cooking, organizing, etc.

But the woman for whom I worked called me – on a day where my alarm rang at 3:51 so I could be at work at 5am – and said she had another client who needed me right away, and I wouldn’t be able to take time off.

And instead of saying no, I agreed to it.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was in myself. Balance will not come by itself, it takes work. And the ability to say no.

And I, apparently, cannot say no to more work.

Tell us the person you’d most like in the car with you for a road trip.

You know, I don’t know. My favorite traveling companion is Jeff, but we don’t do a lot of car trips. Overseas, flights, exploring cities by foot – that’s what we do really well together.

A roadtrip, I think, is different. Jeff and I are similar in that we value efficiency, and on a roadtrip some of the best moments and experiences is when you DON’T follow the interstate – veer off here and there.

So I think I’d pick one of my best girlfriends for a roadtrip. We’d go off the beaten path just so we can eat at a hole in the wall diner which has amazing burgers. We’d stop to take pictures at kitschy road stand, and sing at the top of our lungs. It would be fun.

Which do you like better: goats or sheep?

Goats freak me out. They eat ANYTHING. They will head butt you at a moment’s notice.

Sheep, on the other hand, are fuzzy and chill. They’re like wooly cows – will just stand there and look at you. And really, is there anything cuter then a lamb?

Do you like to watch scary movies?

Hell no. I was the kid that had nightmares from ET. (In my defense, the people in the suits were scary!!) Gremlins terrified me.  The Blair Witch Project made me motion sick, but despite the fact that I never actually WATCHED the entirety of the movie because it was going to make me puke, the next camping trip I was terrified the Blair Witch was going to show up.

The most recent – within the past decade, that is – scary movie I watched was The Ring. Not only did it give me nightmares for weeks, even nearly TEN FREAKING YEARS LATER I CANNOT SEE A CAPPED WELL WITHOUT FREAKING OUT.

And no, I’m not kidding.

But I’m also the chick that won’t go into my basement at night because that’s where the bogeyman lives. 🙂

What do you call yourself when you’re talking to yourself inside your head?

Depends on my mood, but in all honesty I am not very nice to myself inside my head.

If I’m pissed off, the Inner Critic will call me a moron, or an idiot. As in “seriously, you did WHAT? Are you a complete moron?”

If I’m in a good mood, I’ll often refer myself as bitch. As in, “Come on, bitch – get this mile. You GOT this!”

Name someone from your kindergarten class that you wonder about to this day.

I went to a catholic school for kindergarten, since I missed the cutoff in the public schools.

And in Ms Gabriel’s kindergarten class, I got married to a boy named Donald. I don’t remember much about him other than his name and the fact that we shared a table just the two of us while the other kids sat 3-4 kids per table. I think that’s why we got married, because we sat together. And therefore, our marriage was short lived, because I transferred to the public school for first grade.

Anyway, I wonder about him now. I have no visual of him, and I am always curious as to what he’s up to.

What is the best song for picking up your mood?

Right now it’s Mahler’s fourth symphony. I cannot tell you how good it is for calming anxiety and stress, how well it works to help me BREATHE.

But if I need a good, pump me up song, ANYTHING by Mumford and Sons makes me happy.

How do you organize your socks?

Running socks are placed flat together. My compression running socks are folded once over. They both go in my running clothes drawer (yes, I have a whole drawer of running-only clothes). Other socks are nested together in a separate drawer which includes my belts and trouser socks too.

When no one is home, do you close the bathroom door?

I don’t actually close doors in my house. The only exception is Owen’s door when he’s in bed for the night. We sleep with the door open, I usually have the bathroom door open whenever I’m in there – unless it’s winter and I’m showering, because opening the door makes the room frigid when I get out.

So it’s safe to say if no one’s home I don’t bother closing the bathroom doors.

Well, unless I’m showering and it’s cold. I need my hot hot hot shower. 🙂


The rules are that I should tag another blogger and ask them 10 questions.  But I’m a rule breaker. Instead, put a comment below and answer one of the above questions yourself! 🙂

5 comments on “Liebster Award

  1. B says:

    I’ve never really called myself anything within my own head. I guess I’ve always known who I was referring to without having to formally identify myself?

    I’m going to be thinking about that for a while now.

    I have a different sheep/goat preference than you, though. Sheep are a little too dumb for me (or so goes the cliche). I like an animal with a bit more independence.

  2. Deborah says:

    To pick up my mood, probably Walkin on Sunshine or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (memories of my college days 🙂 ). Also, in college, one of my friends got really into the Dixie Chicks song Goodbye Earl, an inappropriately upbeat song about murdering an abusive husband, and that would probably cheer me up.

    I went to a Montessori preschool, and it included kindergarten. I can’t think of anybody I wonder about from there. My then-boyfriend’s mom and my mom are still close, so I pretty much know what he’s up to. One of my closest friends from that time is semi-famous (she’s related to the Kennedys) and she periodically shows up in the media. Maybe one of my other closest friends from then. I think she has 2 kids now, but that’s all I know.

    I never close the bathroom door unless I’m taking a shower. When people are over (i.e. not K or my kids), I often forget that I have to close the bathroom door.

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    I’d go on a road trip with you girlfriend…
    I love that you like sheep, fold your socks the way I fold other people’s (I don’t wear socks…ever. Tights, pantyhose etc..but never socks) and that you don’t close the doors in your house! Plus you are just afraid of anything scary as I am, we can watch girly chick flicks when we stop on our road trip 🙂


  4. Turia says:

    I am really looking forward to hearing more from you! GOOD LUCK on Sunday- will be thinking of you!

    ET gave me nightmares for YEARS. Seriously. It was the men in the suits marching over the hill that did it. I’ve never, ever been able to watch it again. And I slept on the floor of my (younger) sister’s room for more than a year after a particular episode of Unsolved Mysteries involving ghosts. So yeah, I don’t watch scary movies. Ever. (And I did go and see the Blair Witch Project because my then boyfriend really wanted to see it- I wasn’t scared by it because I was too motion sick- I ended up puking in the bathroom before the credits rolled.)

  5. catwoman73 says:

    Best of luck on Sunday. I can’t wait to read the race recap!

    The shower thing- 7 days, on a canoe trip. Though I did go swimming every day. That first shower afterwards was AMAZING.

    And I LOVE scary movies. I watch them with all the lights turned out when Hubby is out for the evening (as he can’t stand them!). I loved The Ring- it’s one of my favourites. And The Strangers scared the crap out of me- definitely a sign of a great horror movie.

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