Token November Post.

I know, I KNOW. I suck at posting.

I miss the days where I’d be driving into work and have an idea and think, Oh, I need to post THAT to my blog!

Right now? I’m listening to David Sedaris on audiobook and I’m mostly struck by what a brilliant writer he is. And by the time I get to work, I have ZERO ideas of my own.

Well, except for the week after the marathon, when I had a hard time controlling my Jello legs on flat ground and I couldn’t believe how comical I looked.

But really, that’s all I wanted to post. Hey, it’s three days after my marathon and holy crap my legs don’t even feel like they’re attached to my body! It’s pretty crazy, people!

I didn’t post it, though.

(You’re welcome.)


So it’s November. And I said that in November I’d write a LOT more.

I have not actually managed to follow through with that resolution. Until today, the only things I’ve written are To Do and grocery shopping lists.

So what have I actually BEEN doing these past few weeks?

Well, the good news is that this November, I’ve been able to run, because I did NOT end up injured at the end of the Baystate Marathon. That’s good, for sure.

However, that does not mean I have been enjoying my runs; apparently trying to actively recover from a marathon by running makes said runs kind of suck. In fact, this past Saturday I actually had a piddly three miler that ended at the halfway point; I did the Walk of Shame home the last 1.5 miles because holy crap my legs could not run ONE MORE STEP.

Recovery: going from completely NAILING a 22 mile run to bonking on a 3 mile run.


The good news, though, is that Saturday’s Walk of Shame was my low point, and my runs have gotten considerably Less Sucky since then. I wouldn’t put them in the category of Good yet, but I’m starting to believe that perhaps running WON’T suck for the rest of my life. Which is really good news.

The other thing I’ve been doing is cooking. Like spending all my time in the kitchen on the weekends sort of cooking.

Last weekend I made my own chicken stock – courtesy of unsmitten kitchen. Then I made homemade cream of celery root soup, courtesy of food network. I made an awesome spanish chicken casserole from November’s edition of Cooking Light. I also made and canned a batch of apple butter to get a head start on the holiday season.

And when it was all done, and I had no more cooking to do, I wandered around my kitchen, looking for something else to cook.

Oh, I have IDEAS.

I have ideas for egg-free banana bread and chocolate chip sour cream bread and I REALLY want to try my hand at making the maple bacon scones my friend Sue brought to my house for brunch one day.


In other news, the other day I happened to notice that my kid seemed to have a second tooth growing BEHIND his baby teeth.

Photographic evidence? Here.


Cue frantic googling. Because I was prepared for loose teeth and the Tooth Fairy visits and all of that. I was NOT prepared to handle another set of teeth growing in his mouth before the baby ones fell out.  Fortunately, the interwebs came to my rescue.

The technical term for it is called lingually erupting mandibular incisors. It is also referred to as “shark teeth.”

Our dental hygienist confirmed for me today that I do not need to worry about it, because it is common and it’s likely that it will force the baby tooth to become loose and fall out.

There are things I never anticipated I’d have to deal with as a parent. And I’m not sure why, but this extra tooth thing is DEFINITELY one of them.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in November thus far. And now that I’ve popped the proverbial cherry on writing, I AM hoping to post a lot more.

Maybe even once a week! 🙂

4 comments on “Token November Post.

  1. Donna G says:

    One thing this dental hygienist will tell you….encourage your son to wiggle that tooth. It can get stuck if he doesn’ t play with it.
    I ran the baystate marathon too as my first marathon. I didn’t rock it as good as you but I completed it. Funny thing is….no injury at the marathon. Walking home from the bus stop, I took a short cut through the woods, fell in a hole and badly sprained my ankle. 3 weeks later and it’s till swollen…..frustrated!! Need a run like you wouldn’t believe.
    Keep up the posts….love reading them!

  2. Oh wow – teeth already. I guess our turn is coming sooner or later then!

    (I still do a double take when you say you bonked on a run.)

  3. catwoman73 says:

    I can barely walk three days after my HALF marathon, and will probably take the rest of the week off. I can only imagine that the recovery from a full would take considerably longer!

    Do you think the blogging funk might just be related to being in a bit of a post-race funk? I know I get like that… do you have any races planned for 2014 yet? Having those little goals always seems to help me.

    You have one cute kid there, Karen! 🙂

  4. dolfynstar says:

    Always good to hear from you no matter what.

    Interesting tidbit on the tooth. At H’s 5 yr check-up his dentist proclaimed that his roots were so long she didn’t expect him to lose a tooth until he was 7. Well, here were are, almost 6 3/4 and he still doesn’t have so much as ONE loose tooth. The kid we went on a play date with on Monday who’s 3 mos older? He’s lost 7 teeth!

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