For the Love of the Run.

I signed up for my redeux 5k in a moment of weakness; borne from disappointment that I had to walk some of the last mile of my Mother’s Day 5k.

I couldn’t focus on the fact that I ran the fastest 5k I’ve ever run. Instead, all I saw was Fail.

And then I ran a 5 mile race a week later, one where I thought, you know, I don’t expect I’ll do much of anything at this race. I’ve run it for the past three years, and it’s a favorite. I kind of wanted to run it for FUN. It had beer at the end, and Jeff and I made a day of it in Boston.

Ironically, I ran a personal best, there, too. In fact, I shaved five minutes off my best time there.

Which, if you’re keeping track, is three weeks of races and three PRs.

The thing is, though. What made the race so amazing for me?

Was mile two and three. Where I felt AMAZING. Light. Happy. In control of my pace, smelling the sea breeze, feeling the sun on my shoulders. For two amazing miles, I was SO happy. Practically danced to my music.

And you know something?

I want more of that.

I want to get back to rediscovering my love for the run. I want to run and feel strong, to run because I love it, not because there’s something on my schedule that tells me I have to run 5 miles at a 8:00 pace.

I want my zen back.

So when I woke up on Sunday morning, and it was rainy and cold… I skipped my redeux 5k.

Instead, I went to the gym, and swam for an hour. And yesterday, I ran my own 5k before a strength workout.

And I feel GREAT.

For the love of the run.