Recovery (Aka: The Week I Fell Apart, Physically).

I don’t know if this is delayed-onset fatigue brought on from last week’s race, but the past few days have been TOUGH for working out.

First there was the cold. Last week I noticed that Owen had a runny nose and was rubbing his eyes. I assumed that he had a touch of seasonal allergies, given the pollen dust I see on my car every day. I even put Children’s Claritin on my to-pick-up-from-the-store list.

And then I started to feel imminent doom: the combination of dry throat and the feeling that you are swallowing glass.

I removed Children’s Claritin from my list.

I follow a simple rule when it comes to running and colds. If the cold affects anything that is ABOVE my shoulders, then I’ll run. I might take it slower, and have to stop more for, er, nasal-cavity elimination, but I have no issue with running.

Anything that includes lungs, or aches and pains, or fever – I stay home. Period.

This cold, though annoying, was a Runnable Cold.

But then.

90-degree heat and humidity which moved in on Thursday. Or Friday. I don’t remember; it’s so hot my brain is melting and I can’t even think anymore. Honestly, what the FUCK, mother nature? Can’t we have a couple of in-between 70s, 80s in there? We have to go from 42 degrees and raining last Sunday to 95 degrees with 95% humidity? Seriously?

No wonder I’m sick.

Yesterday morning I went out, early, with the goal of running an hour. I was in light clothing. I carried my handheld water bottle. I was hoping for 6 or 7 miles; within 2 I knew it wasn’t happening. I was tired and a little dizzy, and my muscles screamed at a pace that is usually pretty comfortable for me.

So I called it at a reasonable 5 miles and went home. To the blessed air conditioning. I spent the day cleaning and doing errands and laundry and whatnot – but I wouldn’t call it a physically TAXING day.

Nonetheless, by last night, my IT band was SCREAMING at me whenever I walked down the stairs. My quads ached, and I had a random shooting pain in my left calf. I was exhausted and went to bed at 8:30 last night.

As an aside, is there anyone else like me out there? I, apparently, do not have the DNA required in order to “sleep in.” I would MUCH prefer going to bed when it’s still LIGHT out than trying to force myself to sleep late in the mornings. Jeff makes fun of me incessantly for this – I hate being up late and cannot sleep late.

Also: seriously, body? We’re falling apart NOW? I haven’t felt IT band PAIN in more than a year. My calves, though tight, aren’t usually painful without good reason. This week has been a very low mileage week, and I’ve been keeping a Be Kind To My Body pace.

I swear this is delayed-onset recovery; it’s taken me a week to actually feel like I am tired and need a rest.

So I am taking another rest day today. Because it’s still nasty swampy hot out there, and my head aches from the cold, and I’m tired, and honestly, there’s no sense in pushing it.

The good news is that my house is clean, and there’s pulled pork going in the crockpot, and I’m nice and cool hanging out with the puppy. Finley knows where it’s at – licking, laying on, and sleeping on the air conditioning vents is one of his new favorite summer hobbies.

To sum up: I’m tired and sick this week. It’s hotter than Hades outside, and I’m a little bitter.

And a question: Am I the only one who prefers to go to bed early, or sleep in late? Please tell me I am not alone here.

3 comments on “Recovery (Aka: The Week I Fell Apart, Physically).

  1. I have nothing to add on your recovery.

    I have to comment how much puppy has grown! OMG, you have a biggun on the way.

    I will take sleep however it comes to me but find it impossible, since Hendrick was born, to sleep in, ever. Even if faced with the ability to do so, I would be up by 6…7 would be a fluke.

    That means, though, that I am drop dead tired at the end of the day (getting very little uninterrupted sleep these days) so I am often asleep by 7:30 or 8 (not necessarily planned, just what happens when by body finally stops moving).

    Hope you are on the mend soon and that the heat and humidity abate.

  2. Justine says:

    I’m glad that you’re taking a rest day, hard as they are to accept. Pulled pork sounds pretty fabulous. Sometimes that’s what a body needs.

    I’ve been going to bed VERY late. Like, falling asleep on the couch and waking at 4 late. Which is something I have been discussing with my therapist. Fun, fun.

    Sending thoughts for quick (but thorough!) healing!

  3. Oh, I am SORRY I’ve been absent but I am loving getting caught up here.

    I am exactly the same (and I USED to sleep in, way back in COLLEGE and during my MA program), but that was decades ago and at some point, during my career when I had to commute sometimes 2 hrs away, I got used to getting up in the 5 or 6:00s. Now, I can barely (and I mean BARELY) ever make it up to 10:00 and am getting up during an hour with a 5 in it even if no one needs me to. I WISH I had the discipline, desire, wherewithal, to work out then.

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